Two Colorado-based marijuana companies are teaming up with the University of Colorado Boulder to study the heath impacts of flower and infused edibles.

Native Roots, a Denver-headquartered medical and adult-use cannabis retail chain of 20 stories, will provide flower for the CUChange Cannabis Research Team’s study, and Wana Brands, a Boulder-based edibles company operating in more than 10 states, will provide edibles products, according to the Daily Camera.

The CU Center for Health, Neuroscience, Genes and Environment is conducting the study, which will last at least two years, the Boulder newspaper reported.

The study will research the “psychological, neurocognitive, physiological, genetic and epigenetic factors that are linked with health and risk behavior,” according to the CUChange website.

Representatives of the two cannabis companies said the hope is that the study will help confirm anecdotal evidence about marijuana’s benefits. They acknowledged the study could produce negative results, but, either way, they said, research such as the CUChange study is welcome.

“Everyone agrees that more research is better, but we’ve had our hands tied trying to do it. Now we don’t (have tied hands),” Joe Hodas, chief marketing officer at Wana, told the Daily Camera.


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